The Boba Review Matrix

And now for a highly subjective hot-take at the wild world of Boba. Cheese foam? Count me in. Popping boba and grass jelly? That'll be a yes from me dog. But ultimately if you can't deliver on some chewy boba and flavorful tea, you can get the fuck out.

Each score in the table below links to a comprehensive review of the boba establishment in question in the context of a single drink purchased therein.

Date Name Order Score
05/22/18 It's Boba Time! Taro Milk Tea w/ Boba & Egg Pudding 7.0
05/31/18 Ding Tea (Gardena) Oolong Milk Tea with Golden Boba 8.0
06/06/18 Boba Loca (Manhattan Beach) Jasmine Milk Tea with Boba 6.0
06/13/18 Volcano Tea House Taro Milk Tea with Boba 8.0
06/22/18 Happy Lemon Oolong Milk Tea with Boba 7.0
07/11/18 The Boba Lab Milk Tea with Tiny Boba 8.0
12/1/18 Percolate Berry Good Milk Tea with Boba 9.5
03/12/19 Kung Fu Tea (Brighton, MA) Taro Milk Tea with Boba 7.0